I am a phubber. I could even be called a mother phubber. It's not something I am proud of but because you too are a phubber I don't feel so bad. I bet you're wondering exactly what is phubbing and how do you know that I do it?

Let me clarify a few things for you. Do you have a smartphone? Have you ever ignored a person standing right in front of you to continue looking down at your phone's screen? That's phubbing. It's a hybrid word made up from phone and snubbing. And no matter what you call it, it's just downright rude. 

Here's the problem with phubbing. It has a major impact on all of our relationships. It doesn't matter whether it's a casual or work acquaintance or someone close like your mother or your spouse. People get pissed off when they get phubbed and sometimes the damage can't be reversed.

Basically, when we phub someone, we are telling them through our actions that you are not as important as what is on my phone. To the other person that can, and is often translated, as you don't want or appreciate my company. It's a great way for relationships to fall apart or become strained. That's not what any of us really want, is it?

We are all becoming way too connected to our electronic connections. We need to focus more on the original wireless connections. The invisible wavelength with share with friends, family, and those we truly love. And despite the fact that phubbing is a fun word to say and sounds like the subject of a Walt Disney Movie, let's try not to do it anymore or at least a little less.



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