The Youngsville Police Department is investigating an incident that took place at an ATM in Youngsville.

According to KATC TV3, the authorities in Youngsville are investigating a robbery at Farmer's State Bank and Trust on Iberia Street.

According to the story on KATC's website, there is no mention of a victim of the robbery, so it is not clear whether it was a robbery or a theft.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The incident occurred on Saturday of this past weekend and, according to the report, suspects used a stolen vehicle to pull off the heist. They made their getaway toward Sugarmill Pond and no more details of that incident have been made available.

KATC referenced an incident that happened at a bank on Kaliste Saloom on Monday in which suspects approached a technician as he was servicing an ATM. Those suspects made off with cash and authorities do not yet know if the events are related.


According to Kohler and Hart, there is a distinction to be made between the terms theft, burglary, and robbery.

Roughly, here is what the website says:

In a theft, there is no victim present. Theft is simply when an individual takes property (physical or intellectual) that does not belong to him or her without permission. That could include taking something from someone's yard or desk or driveway, etc.

Burglary is when someone breaks into an area or home without permission and takes property that does not belong to him or her, without the property owner being present.

Robbery is when a victim is "held up" at gunpoint, knifepoint (or under some other threat), and items are stolen from them by an individual or group of individuals.

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