AEROxDINGO via Twitter
AEROxDINGO via Twitter

A video that shows a truck attempting to rip out an ATM in Opelousas is circulating on social media.

The video, posted on Twitter yesterday at 6:50 pm by AEROxDINGO, shows a Ford truck using a chain to try to rip an ATM off of its mount.

I am not certain when the video was recorded, because it is obvious that it's nighttime in the video, but yesterday at 6:50 pm (when the video was posted), the day still had plenty of light.


This is the third warning about the language contained in this video. Several of the words used in this video would have gotten my mouth rinsed out with soap and a sore bottom when I was younger and would get me whooped if I were to use some of those words today, so you've been warned.

There have been a few reports of ATM thefts in Acadiana over the past few weeks, with a similar MO: a truck (usually stolen) used to rip out an ATM by a few suspects (it has been 3 suspects in more than one of these incidents), and a getaway made in a stolen vehicle.

Again, we don't know when this crime was committed, or whether it has been solved. If you know anything about this incident, contact Opelousas authorities.

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