The bad guys are getting really bold. Early Thursday morning, about 1:30 am, police in Vinton Louisiana say thieves using a stolen truck and a chain literally ripped an Automatic Teller Machine off its base at the Loves Truck Stop there.

What makes this so bold is the fact that employees and customers were in the facility at the time this incident occurred. What makes this even more troubling is the fact that another crime, very similar in its execution, took place in Harris County Texas just a few hours after this crime was reported.

Earlier this month, on August 3rd, it was reported that thieves had used a stolen truck and a forklift to steal an ATM from a bank in Westlake. Authorities are piecing together evidence from all three crimes to see if there is a real connection between all three.

Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies in Louisiana and Texas are pooling information and resources hoping to find a lead or two that could help them break this case open. If you have information on any of these crimes contact law enforcement in your community or Louisiana State Police. They will make sure your tips are directed to the department that can act on them the best.


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