A church congregation in Louisiana has come together to help out one of their members by building the woman and her grandson a house according to KPLC.

While all too often news headlines are about sad issues, this story is one where people from 6 to 80 have come together for one of their own.

First Apostolic Pastor Jon Hair says Vickie Miller was displaced by Hurricane Laura. She has had no permanent residence since that time, and Hair says the congregation wants to help this woman who has never asked for help.

Construction on House of Hope
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Members of the congregation and other members of the Moss Bluff community are coming together not only to fund but construct the new home for the widow and her grandson.

According to Pastor Hair, after the death of her spouse, no succession was completed so when Hurricane Laura devastated Calcasieu Parish over three years ago, Miller was not eligible for FEMA help.

Her home had been ruined by the storm and mold had taken over so she couldn't live there.

Pastor Jon Hair
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Now community volunteers and congregation members will be spending the next three months working to finish construction of this new home for Miller.

Miller says she has been amazed by the kindness of so many people who are working to change her living situation and her life. She says,

So many people donated their time, and their labor, and I'm just so thankful, I'd like to thank everyone for that.

House of Hope Tshirt
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Pastor Hair says they found another property to build on and they have dubbed this project, "House of Hope". He says they have taken something that is a negative situation and they are flipping the script by turning it into something positive.

Aerial View of House of Hope
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