Life changed forever for a Louisiana mother and her toddler son on Thursday, February 22 when an aerosol can was placed in a burning trash fire ignited and set the little boy's coat on fire according to KPLC.

Both the mom and the boy are being treated at a Lafayette hospital. Hailey Brock of Sulphur says she immediately jumped into action when she released that 2-year-old Kayson's coat was on fire.

Hailey sprang into action to save her child's life as she was met was faced with a horrifying experience in their backyard.

The little boy is still in a medically induced coma as his recovery from severe burns continues. He has had two surgeries and will have another on Friday. Hailey says she burned a hand and an an arm working to get the flaming coat off of her baby.

Burned Hand & Arm
KPLC Photo

The 21-year-old mom says she is still so traumatized by what happened. In this freak accident, Hailey says as she was pulling the remnants of the burning coat off her child, it was disintegrating in her hands.

In addition to burns on Kayson's face, an arm, and both hands, he is battling pneumonia right now while his mom is also working to get better each day.

The young boy and his mother have both had to have debridement treatment. This treatment is typically extremely painful.

Friends and family of the two have set up a GoFundMe account to help with the medical expenses associated with this tragedy.

Kayson Go Fund Me
KPLC Photo

Organizers of the fundraiser had the following to say,

We have been told that he will have multiple trips to the operating room. This tragedy has faced their family with having to be out of town and out of work due to medical care. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated to help them out financially. Please pray for this family.

We wish the best to Hailey and Kayson as they are working to fully recover.

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