The Youngsville Police Department recently posted a message to their Facebook page warning people about the dangers of putting too much information about their lives, kids, and more to Social Media. Here's why...

Not mincing words, the Youngsville Police Dept. posted “STOP ADDING STRANGERS ON FACEBOOK”!!! AND STOP posting everything about your life and kids on FACEBOOK!!!”.

Youngsville Police Dept. also warns about the danger of the check-in feature on Facebook when dropping kids off at school.

When doing so they warn that “Not only did you provide a picture of your little girl to a child trafficker, you’ve handed him the name and exact location of her school on a silver cyber platter.”

One thing you can do to help protect yourself and your family is to adjust your privacy settings on Facebook and all of your social media accounts.

Below is the Facebook post from the Youngsville Police Department.

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