We may work in different offices, but life in them is eerily similar.

Sure, our vocations may be in industries that have nothing in common, but once we're on the clock we suffer the same struggles, frustrations and indignations 9-5, Monday through Friday as we long to tell the boss to go shove it.

The Australian comedy group Collective Noun has put out this fantastic video, "Things Never Heard in an Office," which pokes fun at -- you guessed it -- things never heard in an office. From being perfectly content with the temperature and pleased by the rash of clean forks in the kitchen to enjoying signing birthday cards and loving meetings, this clip hits close to home. Or, at least close to the office we commute to from home each day.

This video, which reminds us that we should remember what we may getting ourselves into while interviewing for a job, only scratches the surface, though. There's a slew of other things you and your co-workers would never say, right? Tell us -- what are some lines you'd only hear in your office in a parallel universe?

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