See this house? Looks like an old, ordinary house, right? You see its standard set of windows, its normal-looking door and its run-of-the-mill shutters. But what you might not see is the secret that's held within its doors.

This is the house at 3215 Wade Avenue in Raleigh, North Carolina. At first glance, it looks like any house you'd encounter on any random street in any small town in America. It might look a bit small and dull, but your eyes are fooling you. Look closer. Isn't it strange how there's no driveway? You might also notice that there are no actual lights and no mailbox. Who lives here exactly? And what do they use this house for? The answer is in the video above. Chances are, you'll never guess what's behind those doors.

Watch the video then continue reading.

Watch the video yet? Good. Yes, at it turns out, the House on Wade Ave is actually a pump station for Raleigh's public utilities. The station is used to speed up water to push it uphill. If it weren't for this pump, water would run backwards and many people wouldn't be able to get access to it.

The city of Raleigh decided to build the pump station in the '70s and have it blend in with the surrounding areas, just so that it wouldn't be an eyesore and drive the neighborhoods crazy with the sounds it made. The noises are muffled with cinder block, which is also helped out by the sound dampening materials in the construction. What might seem like a boring domicile is actually a very important part of the city.

So if you see a not-so-strange house in your neighborhood, you should maybe think twice about it before you call it boring. It could hold strange secrets inside it as well.

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