A few years ago, Crocs were wildly popular. It seemed like "everybody" was wearing those flimsily made chunks of foam rubber. In recent, years, they've come to be regarded as gauche. That's not unusual in our culture. Remember Ugg (UGGLY) boots? That, ironically, sometimes seems to be the cornerstone of a fad. I went through a couple pair, found them quite comfortable. Crocs, not Ugg boots. GQ reports, Crocs may be making a comeback. Christopher Kane featured Crocs at London's Fashion Week. I decided to take an informal poll on Facebook, and among my co workers. The results, Crocs are a "guilty pleasure." Several respondents indicated they like them for gardening & yard work, but would never wear them in public. One coworker said his wife would "110%" divorce him if he bought a pair. Our general manager said they were "the worst mistake" he ever made. His wife persuaded me to buy my first pair. She now "disavows" that. I haven't worn Crocs in several years. Maybe I'll go buy a new pair. Bright yellow? Whatcha' think?

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