The Virginia Kentucky District Fair is trying to find a woman who dominated almost every category. Her name is Linda Skeens. Linda enter many dishes in the county fair earlier this month and no one can find her.

The annual Virginia Kentucky District Fair has been around for over a century and never has anyone won so many categories. Skeens won first, second or third place in almost every cooking and baking category at the fair. She is trending on the internet and yet no one knows how she looks, nor has she come forth to claim her many many ribbons.

People are amazed at how she had time to prepare so many items to enter. These are just a few of the categories Linda Skeens took the top spot:

  • Best Cake
  • Best Pie
  • Best Jelly
  • Best Applesauce
  • Best Brownies
  • Best Apple Butter
  • Best Pumpkin Butter
  • Best Spaghetti Sauce
  • Best Sauerkraut
  • Best Overall Baked Goods (for her Strawberry Fudge)

Linda Skeens also placed in Best Cookies, Best Bread and Best Candy. This lady should be on a reality cooking show!

Linda is not just a bionic superwoman in the kitchen. She also placed in all three embroidery categories as well.

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