It's a story that has captured the attention of millions in America, the Carlee Russell story.

By now you know the backend of the Carlee Russell story in Alabama, and with new details emerging by the day, some are relieved to know that a toddler was likely never part of this bizarre story.

Authorities recently outlined the facts of the case and with that, many now feel like they were taken "advantage" of while she was "missing."

Russell says that she was taken after she saw a toddler on the side of a busy highway, but to only return to her parent's home days later.

Police have outlined Russell's actions prior to this incident and all indications are that she never went missing and never really saw a toddler walking alongside the highway.

With all of that said, now the memes are showing up on social media and one that caught my attention is the photo of a baby doll near the location where Russell says she saw the toddler.

Again, now that many feel like they were "played" by this woman in Alabama, the jokes about her and her story are showing up all over various social media platforms.

Many feel like they invested their time and even efforts to locate her, when she may have never really been missing.

So what do people do when they feel like they are part of the joke, they fire back and that is what the internet is now doing in this case.

Here's the photo of a baby doll near the interstate in Alabama, and it is difficult to see if this is a real doll placed here or if it may have been photoshopped. Hey, it's 2023 so we take every photo or video with a grain of salt.

Other memes showing up on social media in regard to the Carllee Russell case are as such. And yes, there are many more out there.


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