A carnival ride in Italy reportedly collapsed mid-air with multiple children being injured. Video shows the moment that the swing-ride began swaying from side to side and eventually fell over completely, sending bodies to the pavement below.


It's a classic ride that you've probably seen at every carnival. You sit in a swing and let the machine whip you around and around.

For those who don't get dizzy easily, it is usually a really fun time.


But according to reports, fairgoers in Naples, Italy were in for much more than a traditional swing-ride on this day.

The video shows the ride start to wobble as passengers gained speed.


Eventually, the centripetal force was too much to keep the ride upright. Children went flying to the pavement as adults scrambled to help.

Unfortunately, at least twenty people were injured in the horrific incident per reports.

Twitter via @nypost
Twitter via @nypost

The nightmare of an incident was captured on video from multiple angles.

Carnival Ride Collapses Mid-Air with Riders Falling to the Pavement Below

See the video shared by @nypost on Twitter below.

Reactions to the clip coming from Twitter below.

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