Maybe you've driven by Acadiana Mall and seen what appears to be a smaller version of the Cajun Heartland State Fair. Of course, it's not the Cajun Heartland State Fair, but it is fun fun!

If you've been anywhere near Acadiana Mall, more than likely you've seen the Ferris wheel, game and food booths, tents and rides in the parking lot. It's the North American Midway Entertainment fair.

Starting this week you and your family can escape the doldrums of the COVID-19 pandemic and have a great time outdoors. Play games, eat fun food and have a blast riding ride after ride.

The North American Midway Entertainment fair promises all the thrills one could expect to find at a good old country fair. Like the Mega Drop ride. The Mega Drop drops passengers at a rate of 130 feet in less than 2 seconds. There's even a rollercoaster. From thrill rides to kiddie rides, there's something for every member of the family!

Fair Hours

Weekdays: (Open) 5 p.m. - (Close) TBD

Weekend: (Open) 1 p.m. - (Close) TBD


April 23 - May 9


Acadiana Mall is located at 5725 Johnston St. in Lafayette, La.

Ticket Prices

Wristbands (Weekdays): $25

Wristbands (Weekends) $30

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