Happy Rosenmontag!!
Did you know?: The word 'Carnival', frequently associated with the Mardi Gras celebration, is from the word 'Karneval', derived from the Latin "carne vale" ("meat - farewell") marking the beginning of Lent.
Mardi Gras is just one of the car…
Carnival En Rio!
Here in Louisiana, we love our Carnival season,  We're not the only ones.
Carnival Bacchanal is now officially underway in Rio Des Janiero, Brazil.
Carnival opened on schedule despite a major warehou
se fire that detroyed many floats and costumes
Carnival Launches Chef’s Table
From Carnival News:
With The Chef's Table, a group of 12 guests enjoy cocktails and hors d'ouevres hosted by the ship's chef de cuisine. The chef then takes the group on a tour to see the galley in operation.