I was at a red light in Youngsville this morning and took video of a woman throwing a lit cigarette from her car.

It may not seem like much, but if you multiply the number of smokers in Louisiana (who throw butts on the ground) times the number of cigarettes they each smoke, I believe that you'll have a grotesque total number of butts on the ground.

How difficult is it to have a bag, can or ash tray in your car to put the butts in when you are finished smoking a cigarette?

In am certain that you are aware, but just in case you are ignorant, there are laws against littering.  If you are a smoker, and you are thinking "oh, what's the big deal?", let me compare it to mosquito bites:  When a mosquito bites you, it's not a big deal, right?  Well, what if 100 mosquitoes bite you?  Then it becomes a big deal.  YOU are not the only smoker (or litterer); the numbers of people like YOU add up, causing an ugly scene in Acadiana.

Please, have some pride in your community.  The littlest action, when committed by a large number of people, makes a big impact, regardless of whether that action is positive or negative.  Littering is a negative action, causing a negative impact on our community.  Litter is ugly and is a health concern.

Please remind your family that you are not the only people who live here.  Have some consideration for the rest of us who do take pride in Acadiana.

I am ready and willing to take some heat for recording this video while in the car: if it requires me to pay a citation to expose these issues, I am willing to pay it.