LAFAYETTE, La. (999 KTDY) - If you don't live in Louisiana, but you are thinking of moving here, Lafayette is a wonderful place to be for a variety of different reasons.

That's not to say we are a perfect community. We have issues just like any other destination in the country, but we deeply care about fixing the issues that we tackle on a daily basis.

When it comes to how we are looked at by others, has us in the top ten. When went looking for places to live Lafayette made the list and that's just good news for everyone.

Volunteers Picking Up Trash
Photo courtesy of Keep Louisiana Beautiful

Groups like Keep Lafayette Beautiful and Parish Proud along with others are constantly working to improve the look and feel of our city. Volunteers work before and after events, during weekends, and during service days to help keep our city clean of debris. While aesthetics aren't the entire part of the ranking, it's terrific to know that so many groups are willing to help keep our city clean.

Having us receive a great ranking just makes us more attractive to business owners who are looking at making a move. took a look at what these communities do to have an impact on their communities.

Here are some of the reasons they gave for Louisiana gaining a place in the top ten:

  • There are about half a million alternative fuel vehicles.
  • The volunteers and groups who help to clean up litter.
  • Environmental education programs in schools.
  • Lafayette has installed energy-efficient lighting
  • We have for a long time had a recycling program.
  • We have hybrid buses.

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