Yes, it has been this hot in the deep south.

Roberta Wright, who lives in a suburb of Houston, Tx., decided to try something we've always wondered about, can you bake bread in your mailbox during the summer months?

Well, according to the photos here that have gone viral, the answer appears to be yes.

Wright's friend Howard Ceasar posted the photos on Facebook and he says that the bread baked for 45 minutes in the mailbox.

Now, we all know how hot it can get in a mailbox during the summer, but to see a full loaf of bread baked in it is really eye-opening.

I don't know how it tasted, but now I am intrigued and I too want to try baking a loaf of bread in my mailbox.

Disclaimer, if you try this, you may want to leave a note taped to your mailbox so that the mail delivery person is shocked when he or she opens your box to drop off the mail.



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