What a close call.

A group of women elected to relax while floating down a lazy river, but what they did not know was that they'd be greeted by an unexpected guest while on the river.

Carole Chapuis posted a video of her and a few other women along a lazy river in Florida and the water looks great.

However, they weren't the only ones on the water that day.

As one of the women in the group approaches a log in the water, another warns her that there is an alligator resting on the very log that she is approaching.

Carole Chapuis
Carole Chapuis

You can hear the woman behind the camera say that the alligator is "hissing" and you see in the video that the gator actually picks its head up as the woman approaches.

Luckily the woman on the float approaching the gator is able to retreat from the alligator and they seem to continue on their way.

Sure, it is obvious that alligators are in the water and that there are many in the state of Florida, but this is just another reminder to always be aware of your surroundings while out this summer.

Check out this close call below.



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