With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, most people immediately think about women, but there are some alarming news statistics about deaths among men who have breast cancer.

Breast cancer can happen to anyone according to Dr. Eudene Henry, and she says that men need to think about this not just as a woman's issue.

Henry says a recent study showed that men who have breast cancer have a 19 percent higher mortality rate than their female counterparts.

She says doctors don't know what is causing such a higher rate, but she does suspect that men not understanding the risks might be a factor.

Henry adds that men aren't told about breast self-exams, and often don't think about this as a disease that can potentially affect them.

The doctor says that anyone can end up with a diagnosis of breast cancer, but men who have someone in their family with the disease are more likely to get a diagnosis.

She recommends that men know and understand their family history of breast cancer, and she adds that men who have relatives with the disease should let their doctor know.

Earlier this month, the topic made headlines after Beyonce's dad, Mathew Knowles announced that he had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Henry says while men may feel uncomfortable about talking about the issue, if they don't the consequences could be deadly.

Ladies, get your yearly mammogram and make sure the men you love know their family history and that breast cancer does occur with their gender too.



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