Justin Bieber may have millions of fans but it's safe to say his former neighbor isn't a Belieber. According to a June 28 report from TMZ, the singer's former Calabasas, Calif. neighbor wants him arrested after he skipped a scheduled deposition with his lawyers.

Bieber was ordered by a judge to attend a deposition on June 22 for his ongoing egging of a house case, but ex-neighbor Jeffrey Schwartz claims the Biebs skipped the deposition to be in New York City with rumored girlfriend Hailey Baldwin. Schwartz now wants the judge to issue a bench warrant for the singer and is asking that he fines Bieber $1,000 per day for every day he refuses to sit for the deposition.

The former neighbor has also accused Bieber of engaging in "obfuscation and delay tactics," claiming the singer has already missed five scheduled depositions in the past two years. The judge in the case has yet to rule on the warrant.

The original egging incident occurred in 2014 and Schwartz is suing Bieber for the emotional stress he and his wife have dealt with following the incident. The singer was criminally charged in the case and ordered to pay $80,000 in restitution, which he already did.

Justin and Baldwin have ignited dating rumors after being spotted together in public and the two even found themselves in the middle of marriage rumors. Most recently, the two were seen together and keen observers noticed a ring on Bieber's ring finger, but sources close to the singer say it was just a prank he played on the paparazzi.

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