Billions of hot dogs are consumed all over the US every summer. They're a staple at nearly every cookout. All hot dogs are Definitely NOT created equal! So, who makes the best dog? I'm not convinced there's one clear answer. Preferences vary with age, region, and numerous other factors. Hot dogs had a bad rep for a while. That's changed in recent years. They're made with better ingredients, and fewer chemical preservatives. The New York Times decided to conduct a blind taste test. Condiments, and the bun can make a difference, so those were standardized. After all, a burger smothered in sauerkraut will be dramatically diffferent than a chili cheesedog. New Yorkers, for instance, cringe at the notion of putting ketchup on a dog. The Times tested 10 brands. They didn't like Ballpark, or trader Joe's Grass Fed. Boar's Head, Nathan's, and Oscar Mayer were ranked in the middle of the pack. I'm a little surprised Sabrett wasn't even mentioned. What brands were the favorite's? Wellshire Farms (sold @ Whole Foods), and Hebrew National. This test was conducted in New York City. Do you think a taste test in Acadiana would produce different results?

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