Sam's Club (owned by Walmart) rocked the food court world by lowering the price of its hot dog combo on Tuesday. A Sam's Club hot dog combo will now cost only $1.38. Sam's Club took a jab at Costco's price of a hot dog combo meal by saying a Sam's Club hot dog combo, "Frankly, it can't be beat". Costco's cost of a hot dog combo is $1.50.

The lower price comes even after the cost of hot dogs rose 15.2% in October. Walmart says the move is part of Walmart's commitment to helping families get through the higher prices of inflation going into the holidays.

The Sam's Club website said, "New lower price. Same great hot dog & drink combo". The hot dog combo price reduction comes on the heels of Walmart's Q3 earnings report that shows food revenue up 8.2%.

Costco's hot dog and drink combo meal was introduced in the mid-1980s and the cost has remained $150 ever since. Costco sells approximately 122 million combos annually.

The premise is this, the longer you're in the store, the more you'll spend on something else. Both Sam's Club and Costco use rotisserie chickens to do the same thing. By the way, Sam's Club beats Costco's price on rotisserie chickens as well. Sam's chickens are one cent cheaper.

In September of this year, blogged "Food Court Showdown: Costco vs. Sam's Club". Cheapism took a look at each food court's service, prices, taste and more. stated Costco's hot dog was, "juicy and flavorful". The outlet says about Sam's Club hot dogs, "Will it fill you up? Yes. Will you want another one? No.

See which food court won the food court battle, here.


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