With temperatures nearing 100 degrees in Lafayette (higher north of I-10) and heat indices reaching well into the triple digits in the midst of a "heat dome", air conditioning units can hardly keep up. Ceiling fans help keep your home cool. But which way should the blades be turning during the summer months?

You want to save money on your energy bill. Plus, electric companies are asking that you raise your thermostats to help with the strain on power grids. The problem with raising your thermostat is that your home obviously gets warmer. Warmer may not make you feel as comfortable as you'd like to be in your own home. So, you crank up the ceiling fans.

There is a switch on most ceiling fans that allow the blades to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise. Which way should the blades be rotating to cool you optimally during the summer? Winter?

Energy experts say to better cool your home during the summer months— fan blades should be rotating counterclockwise. This will allow for better circulation of cool air.

During the winter months, your ceiling fans should rotate clockwise. This will better distribute the warm air throughout the room.

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