More than 25 million Americans will be under a heat alert this weekend as the Southwest portion of the United States braces for record high temperatures. This temperature will be rising in Southwest Louisiana as well.

...dangerous and deadly heat wave is on the way for the Southwest through the weekend. -Phoenix National Weather Service

If you are planning to head out of Louisiana into Texas tomorrow or Friday, you may want to change your plans as a Texas-size heat wave will drive temperatures high enough to overheat vehicles that may not be able to take extreme temperatures.

Don't underestimate the heat! Heat is one of the most deadly weather hazards, so be sure to practice heat safety this week. -Sacramento National Weather Service

Temperatures in Texas and crossing over into Southwest Louisiana will reach unsettling numbers due to a high-pressure system that will create what meteorologists are calling a "heat dome" over the Western United States. This invisible dome will trap radiation and send it back down toward the ground. Coupled with the sun's rays, the heat will be unbearable in certain cities.

Record high temperatures will be felt across portions of Texas on Wednesday and Thursday and expanding into California on Friday. -Weather Prediction Center

It's very likely that Texas will see temperatures well about 100 degrees Thursday and Friday. Major cities like San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, and Austin will all experience deadly heat.

Power company officials are warning there may be power outages before the week is up. Power companies are asking that customers keep thermostats no lower than 78 until the heat event is over.

Lake Charles, Louisiana will get the cusp of the "heat dome" with temperatures reaching almost 100 Friday and Saturday.

For Lafayette this weekend, temperatures will climb into the mid-90s. However, temps in Lafayette get worrisome next weekend. Next weekend, Lafayette, Louisiana could hit 100 degrees with heat indexes in the triple-digit range.

The Weather Channel
The Weather Channel

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