An estimated 2,000 head of cattle has suddenly died throughout Kansas as a result of what experts are calling "Heat Stress".

thousands of cattle die from heat
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Cows Dead In Kansas

Over the past few days, officials in Kansas report roughly 2,000 head of cattle have died due to dangerously hot temperatures and humidity in the area.

Agricultural website reports that the number is significantly higher, estimating the number is actually around 10,000 dead.

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"Matthew Lara, a spokesperson for the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, said the cattle deaths were tallied based on the number of carcasses the agency was called to dispose of, Reuters reported."

Reports are the cattle began experiencing issues this past weekend in Kansas as temperatures began to rise and "cooling winds disappeared" according to spokesperson for the Kansas Livestock Association Scarlett Hagins.

Scott Lewis
Scott Lewis

Cattle Dead In Kansas

Kansas temperatures this past weekend were over 100 degrees with humidity levels ranging from 18% to 35%.

Veterinarian A.J. Tarpoff with the Kansas State University Extension explains to that another contributing factor in the cattle's deaths is that the current Kansas weather isn't allowing for any significant nighttime cooling for the animals.

As a result, he says "cattle can accumulate heat and die from the stress."

Across the U.S. close to 68 million Americans are currently under heat alerts.

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Below is a video posted to Reddit by user nmurmru showing the tragic cattle deaths in Kansas.

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