KSHB meteorologist Wes Peery was in the middle of a live shot talking about the tornadoes that ripped through the Kansas area earlier this week when suddenly the shot froze...in the most perfect way ever.

Weatherman Freeze Live Shot
Twitter Via Wes Peery

Kansas City Tornadoes

As of this morning (06/09/22), 4,600 people were still without power as a result of at least four tornadoes that ripped through the Kansas City region in the overnight and early morning hours Wednesday.

KSHB.com reports that two EF-0, one EF-1, and one EF-2 tornado were recorded by the National Weather Service.

As of now, thankfully no injuries or deaths have been reported in the area.

Our prayers are with all of those affected by these dangerous and destructive storms.

Weatherman Freezes During Live Shot

KSHB weatherman Wes Peery was live on location reporting about the damage caused in the Kansas City area by the tornadoes when something unexpected happened...and it's hilarious.

As Peery is describing to viewers how the damage was caused in the particular area he's in, his live shot freezes in kind of a Kung Fu fighting stance.

As Peery says on Twitter -

"This is either the best or worst freeze frame-live shot in my LIFE"


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