If you ever wondered where the Grammys got their name, you are in luck! And as it turns out, to find this elusive award's origin, you do not need to look too far from home.

Grammy maker, John Billings, told Billboard in an interview that in looking for the Grammy's origin you just have to look one state over to Texas.

Billings said that when the first Grammy came out in 1958, they called out to the public to name the award on a local radio station.

A lady from Texas suggested “Grammy” because it “looked like the old gramophone that her grandmother had when they would play records, and they called it the Grammy.”

And that is what stuck! It's interesting to learn that an idea so simple became a legacy for so many.

The 61st Grammy Awards will air tomorrow February 10 at 7 pm. on CBS.

The lineup will include notable names in the music industry including Cardi B, Childish Gambino, Post Malone, and more.

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