What's the worst thing your mother ever caught you doing?  As a young child I stole from a local grocery store.  Mom made sure I'd never do it again.

I lived in a very small community called Verdunville, La.  Back when I was just a child, there was a small local grocery store called Clausen's Grocery.  Once, while shopping with my mom as a kid probably about six or seven years old, I saw these little plastic trolls that were attached to a bars of soap.  Apparently, if you bought the soap, the little troll came free.

I don't remember if one of the trolls had fallen off a bar of soap or if I busted through the plastic wrapping to get one, but I ended up with one of those plastic figurines.  My mother had not bought the soap by the way.

When we got in the car, I started playing with that troll.  My mother, having the sight of an eagle, saw this and knew we had not bought the soap.  So she marched me right back in the store to apologize to the owners.  Hell, I think she made me apologize to everyone in the store that day.  Never did that again.

What about you, what is the worst thing your mother ever caught you doing as a kid?

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