Are you a "gamer"? I confess, I'm not. Video games sprang to popularity more than 40 years ago. The games of the '70s were primitive by today's standards. That being said, some of the older games are now regarded as classics. September 12th is "National Video Games Day." A survey, published by ranked the most popular games of all time. Respondents also listed their favorite gaming systems. Crash Bandicoot, favored by 7% of respondents, came in at #10. Pokemon (16%) came in at #5. Donkey Kong, first released in 1981, surprisingly came in third. What's #1??...Super Mario dominated at 47%.

Here's the rundown...

#1: Super Mario (47%)
#2: Call of Duty (21%)
#3: Donkey Kong (19%)
#4: Grand Theft Auto (19%)
#5: Pokemon (16%)
#6: Zelda (13%)
#7: Sonic the Hedgehog (13%)
#8: Final Fantasy (9%)
#9: Halo (9%)
#10: Crash Bandicoot (7%)

Playstation & Xbox tied for most popular gaming system, at 38%, followed by Nintendo at 21%. Whatever your gaming pleasure, enjoy!


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