We've all got old or broken gaming consoles and handhelds sitting in closets. Here's a great way to get rid of them, and help students learn valuable skills at the same time.

Zeke D'avy, Introduction to Engineering teacher at David Thibodaux STEM Magnet Academy tells KATC he wants to teach his students "hands-on application skills in the fields of electrical engineering and computer science."

Instead of junking old electronics when they break and going out and buying new ones, these kids are learning that they can repair them instead.


There's a line from one of my favorite songs by the band Drive By Truckers that goes "Don't ever say your car is broke", meaning get your hands dirty and fix things instead of throwing them away or buying new ones.

That's exactly what Zeke D'avy is teaching his students.

D'avy is asking the public to donate any old handheld gaming systems and gaming consoles. He's going to teach the kids how they work, and how to fix them when they break. in the process, his students are going to learn many, many other valuable skills that they will carry with them for a lifetime.

From KATC -

"Students will learn things like soldering, coding, electrical systems, and other skills that would one day be useful in an engineering or computer science career. D'Avy is accepting things like Gameboys, Sega handhelds, and Nintendo consoles."

If you would like to donate, you can reach D'avy at zjdavy@lpssonline.com or through his Facebook page.

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