Have you taken time out of your day typing out an email, only to hit send and just wait and wait? Maybe you should start it with one of these phrases.

Admittedly, I wrote two emails to someone that won't be named involving something to do with this radio station. Something was needed for a presentation for us that only this person could get. He never responded.

Maybe I should have used the top phrases that are more likely to get a response. In the end, I just had to do it myself. *Shrug*

Quartz analyzed over 300,000 emails that were made public. They found that there are five primary words that are used to start an email. Here are those words and the percentage of response they get:

Hey: 64% response rate
Hello: 63.6% response rate
Hi: 62.7% response rate
Greetings: 57.2% response rate
Dear: 56.5% response rate
All Emails: 47.5% response rate

The site also points out that you should use your best judgement in using certain phrases. For instance, you don't want to use a very casual greeting for a big client that you've never met.

Wait a second, I DID use "Hey" as the greeting! I guess I was in the 36% to not get a response.

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