Did you receive an email containing the number +79133913837?   I did, and I am figuring that it might be a scam...

The email came from tarrageros@gmail.com and had this message in the body and in the subject line:

Klientskie bazi Tel: +79133913837


I did individual searches for the number and for each word, and there were no hits in english.   The only site that offered translation was one of the "Who is calling me?" sites.


Email containing mystery number
Email containing mystery number


My first guess is that this is some kind of scam.  A quick search of Wikipedia's Country Code List shows that the number is in Slovenia.

Another interesting element to this story is that the email was sent to ikunchev_fgs@uacg.bg  which is NOT my email address, obviously.  It's all kind of sketchy!!

I am curious to find out who the number belongs to, and what kind of scam they are running!  (Maybe you can call it and fill me in on the details??  HA!)


(Via Wiki)


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