Magnet fishing is a hobby that I had never heard of before until I happened across a TikTok page that was dedicated to the mysterious outdoor activity. In a recent video, two magnet fisherman pulled up all kinds of things from the depths including a snub-nose pistol.

Check out the "fisherman" at work below via @thekinzlerbros on TikTok below.

I have been fishing and gotten hung up on the bottom of ponds many times before, but fishing for crap on the bottom of bodies of water does not sound like too exciting of a time to me.

Until, your fishing rod is a very powerful magnet and you aren't in search of fish but instead anything that can be pulled up. That is exactly what @thekinzlerbros on TikTok do and in their most recent video, they pulled up all kinds of things like screwdrivers, bikes, and just about whatever else their magnet decided to take hold of.

The most shocking item that was pulled up in this video came at the end, when a snub-nose pistol was found in whatever body of water these fishermen are utilizing. These guys did the right thing and turned the pistol over to police, but it got me wondering what else could be resting at the bottom of ponds, lakes, and everywhere else where deep waters can be found.

Nevertheless, it is pretty entertaining to wait on the edge of your seat to see what these guys may pull up next. It seems like a pretty meaningless hobby, but these fishermen are actually helping cleanup this body of water by properly disposing of whatever trash they find. Hopefully one day, these Tik-Tok'ers can pull up some treasure as some kind of reward for the good they have done.

You can check out their entire TikTok page by clicking HERE.

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