When I say "New Orleans" what comes to mind? Mardi Gras, French Quarter, the Saints, Jazz, food, oysters, and maybe a little debauchery for good measure, am I right? Well, New Orleans new Mayor LaToya Cantrell wants you to think of one word when you think of The Big Easy, that word, YES!

The city has unveiled its new slogan, The City of YES, oddly enough because of a quirky email address and comment from a cable network show host.  The TV host is Rachel Maddow and she told viewers about the city's new slogan on her nightly television show Wednesday night. Maddow calls the slogan "The Best New Thing In The World".

Maddow is actually being given partial credit for the new slogan since she was one of many who mentioned to city officials that the city's official email "cityofno.gov" left New Orleans open for a lot of wisecracks and unnecessary teasing. Do you get it? City Of No?

Although the city still uses that address Maddow has purchased the domain cityofyes.us and donated it to New Orleans. No word as to whether they will be changing the email and websites anytime soon.

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