If you have driven down Johnston Street lately you may have noticed that one restaurant’s lights have been turned off.

El Pollo Loco which is located at 3808 Johnston St has been closed for at least a week if not longer.

I started to see people on social media complaining that El Pollo Loco was closed during the times that it should have been open. One user of Facebook was questioning the whole situation after she placed a mobile order and drove across town to find out that the restaurant was not open.

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When you pass by El Pollo Loco you can see that the lights inside are off and there are no cars in the parking lot. However, that doesn't stop people from waiting in the drive-thru line in the hopes that they can place an order.

Now there is a sign on the door that states that the restaurant is closed due to supply chain issues but as you can see the date is from June.

Staff Photo
Staff Photo

This situation made me curious so of course, I called the restaurant and no one answered. I then emailed the restaurant in Lafayette and there was no response. So in a last-ditch effort, I emailed the corporate office of El Pollo Loco and once again no one responded to my questions. I am not the only person who has reached out to the company, as Developing Lafayette did too and they couldn’t get a response either. So you know if Developing Lafayette can’t get an answer then we are just plain out of luck.


Shortly after this story was published a spokesperson for El Pollo Loco reached out to me with an explanation as to why the restaurant here in Lafayette has been closed. This is what the spokesperson had to say,

“We have been informed that our franchise partner of the El Pollo Loco in Lafayette is negotiating a transfer to another one of our franchise partners. As such, the restaurant is temporarily closed pending the business transaction. We love fire-grilling our delicious chicken for the Lafayette community and look forward to reopening soon. In the meantime, we apologize to our customers for the inconvenience.” – El Pollo Loco spokesperson

So don't fret Acadiana we will have the tasty and delicious food from El Pollo Loco again!

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