The Monday after a long holiday weekend is like trying to eat crabs without using your hands, it's hard.  But there is good news!

At 10AM on Mondays, we humans are the most productive AND we feel more alert at that time than at any other time during the week.  I know what you're thinking, it's hard to believe isn't it?

This means that at 10AM Monday mornings you should tackle and embrace the hardest tasks on your to-do-list.  Putting them off till later in the week will only make things harder for you, so hit the ground running this and every Monday!  Research states that if you don't start or finish a task on Monday, it's unlikely to get accomplished.

Even though we are at peak job performance on Monday mornings, we aren't at our relationship peaks anytime on Mondays.  Never schedule a date on a Monday.  More dates are cancelled on Mondays than any other time of the week.  Data proves, still, that the best date night is Saturday.

And remember, if you over indulge at the bar over the weekend, the affects of alcohol takes two complete days to show up on you cosmetically.  So if you binge on Saturday night, your co-workers will be able to tell on Tuesday morning!


 But be warned- one thing that shouldn’t be on that Monday to-do list is going out on a date. Another survey revealed dates scheduled on Mondays are the most likely to be cancelled. The top date cancellation excuses include illness, needing to work out and being too tired. If you’re looking for love, shoot for Saturday instead- it’s the most popular date night.

[Via:  Mail Online]

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