The Easter season is full of mysteries and miracles. The miracle that many of us recount this weekend is the spiritual reason for this season. There are certainly other not nearly as important mysteries that cross our minds though. Some of us wonder why there is a rabbit associated with delivering eggs. Others of us wonder why the date for Easter changes every year. Still, there are a large number of us that want to know the answer to one very simple question.

Chocolate Production Continues At Cadbury During Hostile Takeover Bids
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What exactly is that Goo in a creme egg?

I have to hand it to the makers of the Cadbury Creme Egg. The stuff that is inside their chocolate eggs looks like it belongs inside a real egg too. There is a white gooey substance that mimics the albumen of a hen's egg. Then there is also a yellow gooey substance that is placed right in the middle of the white goo and it mimics the yolk of a hen's egg.

Okay, we know what that stuff is pretending to be, but what is it really?

As you might guess the actual ingredients and proportions for the creamy filling inside a Cadbury Creme Egg is a protected secret. What we can tell you in general terms is this. It's fondant. If you watch a lot of baking and cooking shows on television where they make cakes they use fondant a lot.

Fondant is basically a thick paste made mostly of sugar and water and there is probably some corn syrup in there too. Those are the basic ingredients. Those who use fondant usually use it in two forms. The rolled fondant is what cake masters like Duff and Buddy from the Food Network use to create their incredible cakes.

The poured fondant, which as you've probably guessed is a lot less stiff is what confectioners such as Cadbury's use to create the illusion of the egg yolk inside the chocolate egg. Fondant can be flavored and colored and hence, you get the different variations that give the yolk and the "white" inside the Cadbury Egg their charm.

Bloomberg Quicktake Originals via YouTube
Bloomberg Quicktake Originals via YouTube

If you're counting calories the Cadbury Creme Egg has about 177. For reference, a hollow chocolate bunny has about 260 calories. So, that extra fondant won't blow your diet unless you eat a few of those eggs.

Some people have taken the enjoyment of the creme egg beyond Easter. There are recipes for Cadbury Scotch Eggs which play on the traditional Scotch Egg recipe that uses hen's eggs. There is also Cadbury Rocky Road ice cream and one person even mentioned that they like to smash a creme egg on a piece of bread with toast and smoked ham and then make a grilled ham, creme egg, and cheese sandwich.

So, if someone asks "what's that goo inside a Cadbury Creme Egg"? you can now answer them honestly by saying fondant. If you want to be a horse's butt about it you could say "it's liquid sugar". You'd be right with either answer.

Oh, and did you know that the filling in a creme egg can be used to polish your furniture? Nah, it can't but here are some other products that have a multiplicity of uses.

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