A local police chief posted this photo of a sign with the caption "This is a legal Speed Limit sign", and some people aren't having it.

As you know, a normal speed limit sign does not have an arrow on the sign. Nor does it have an orange or yellow background. A sign that alerts you to an upcoming change in the speed limit does have an arrow on it and will have an orange or yellow background. Am I wrong? Take, for instance, this sign:

Google maps

There is an argument taking place on the chief's Facebook page, with some people saying that the sign (on the orange background) means that the speed limit drops to 25 at the sign, while others are saying that the arrow on the sign indicates that the speed limit drops at the next speed limit sign.

When you see a yellow sign with a stop sign in the middle of it and an arrow above it, do you stop at that sign? No, you don't. You stop at the stop sign ahead (that's what the arrow indicates: Stop Ahead. I think that some of them actually have the words "Stop Ahead" printed on them!


So, if you were to get a ticket at or near this sign for driving above 25 miles per hour, would you fight it?