The City of Youngsville mailed a letter to its residents this week, signed by its CEO, containing a plea for drivers to slow down.

The letter arrived in my mailbox today, dated April 15, 2014, with the words "PAST DUE" stamped across the back of the page (it was tri-folded, not in an envelope).

Here's what it looked like on the back side of the flyer:

On this letter sent by the City of Youngsville, the back of the flier was stamped "PAST DUE". (Staff Photo)

My heart began to race as I opened the letter (as I have yet to be delinquent in paying the garbage/water bill), only to calm when I realized the reason for the letter.

I am begging you to have this discussion (about speeding) with your family tonight.  Do not put this off.

The letter was from Rick D. Garner, CEO, City of Youngsville, with a plea to residents to slow down.

Mr. Garner admitted that he, himself, exceeded the speed limit within the town of Youngsville (under controlled conditions) as an experiment.

I drove these routes at 30mph, and then at the posted speed of 20mph... a 10 second diffference!  Now I ask you, is 10 seconds worth a child's life?"

The routes that Mr. Garner traveled were the street I live on and the next street over.  He goes on:

I am begging you to have this discussion (about speeding) with your family tonight.  Do not put this off."

My habit is to travel as conditions allow which, most times, is slower than the posted limit but, sometimes, at or above the posted limit (usually on the open road).  In my own neighborhood, I don't have the opportunity to build up speed (as I live close to the main road), but I do notice some vehicles hitting the speed bump at a high rate of speed (compared to the 25mph posted limit).

How would you feel about receiving a letter like this?  Would it make you slow down?  Here is a copy of the letter that was sent.

This is the letter that was sent by the CEO of Youngsville. The street information was blurred to protect the innocent. (Staff Photo)


Did you receive one of these letters?  Will it make you slow down?