People who drive too fast are not doing anyone any favors but the same goes for people who drive too slow.  Fast driving can cause accidents but so can driving too slow.  I see people getting ticketed for driving over the speed limit, but when was the last time you saw someone get ticketed for driving too slow?

Most people talk poorly about drivers who speed.  Police look for people who speed.  Traffic light cameras are searching for vehicles going over the posted speed limit.  In some areas, aircraft look for speeding vehicles.  But the fact is, driving too slowly can cause the same problems speeding can and in Lafayette, Louisiana, too many people drive too slow.  There, I said it.

Have any of you come up on a vehicle traveling significantly under the speed limit and had to apply brakes?  How many of you have seen those who believe the left lane of I10 is for sightseeing?  A vehicle traveling 30 MPH on a stretch of roadway where the speed limit is significant above that, should be ticketed just as someone traveling over the posted speed limit.

I recently experienced two vehicles traveling side by side on Ambassador Caffery each traveling at about 20 MPH, blocking both lanes of traffic during rush hour, on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend.  You think people weren't fit to be tied.  I saw an SUV almost plow into the back end of car on I10 yesterday.  The car was going approximately 35 MPH IN THE LEFT LANE of I10.  And would not move into the right lane, seeing that people were having to go around them.

And let's not talk about what happens on two lane highways, especially as you head into the outlying areas of Lafayette.

Do these people see the enormous line of traffic they are holding up behind them?  Do they know the left lane is for faster traffic?  Do these people just have such relaxed lives they just have no place to be?  Or, are they just as bad as speeders?  What do you think?

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