Acadiana loves weekends. A Saturday may include shopping, mowing the grass, church, a round or two of golf, etc. But we wanted to know the very first thing folks in Acadiana do after opening their eyes on Saturday mornings.

Of course coffee made the list, Community Coffee being the area's favorite. Surprisingly, showering, talking, checking a cellphone or social media and sex was absent from the Top 5.

Also making the Top 5 was music. One thing Acadiana loves is music. Music can surely get you moving. Music can also soothe the savage beast. A beautiful slow song can take the edge of the day and carry your mind to an almost spiritual place.

Speaking of spiritual places, church did not make the list probably because of the way the question was worded. We wanted to know the very first thing people did on Saturday morning. However, "pray" did make the Top 5.

Here are the Top 5 things Acadiana does first thing Saturday morning.

5 Things People of Acadiana Do First on Saturday Morning

As a sidenote, peeing tied with "pray" for the #3 spot.

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