There is a study for everything and most of the time we don’t pay too much attention to them. But when Louisiana lands in the top 10 of a survey we at least stop to read it and see if it is true.

So when I saw that Louisiana ranked in the top 10 for ‘the most fun states in America’ I was intrigued.

In the study from Wallethub, they took a look at nightlife, arts, food, parks, and many more things from each of the 50 states. After surveying each state WalletHub ranked them.

So here are the top 10 most fun states in America according to Wallethub with the scores that each state received.

Top 10 most fun states in America:

California- 63.60
Florida- 61.20
Nevada- 59.84
New York- 56.11
Illinois- 55.33
Colorado- 51.38
Washington- 50.64
Texas- 50.27
Minnesota- 45.21
Louisiana- 44.53

This study looked at some key indicators to help make the decision when it came to the most fun and the least fun states in America.

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They looked at things like:

Movie costs and performing arts theatres
Entertainment and recreation
Music festivals
The average cost of beer and wine and of course the time of last call

While Louisiana ranked in the top 10 for this study we ranked number two in nightlife and 14th in the categories of entertainment and recreation.

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