We are all looking to save these days, and some have found some unique ways to save money during these difficult times.

By now you know the prices of many things in Louisiana, and beyond for that matter, have gone up. It really does hurt the checking account any time you have to pay bills or go to the grocery store.

So, let's look at a few ways you can save money, even if it is just a small amount here and there.

In a recent article that I read, they noted that you should try to run a few errands at once. This will help you save on gas and we all know how high gasoline prices have gotten in the last year. Not to mention, it also saves you time.

If you're in Lafayette, Baton Rouge, or any other large city in Louisiana, you know what traffic can be like, so plan ahead.

Katerina Jerabkova via Unsplash.com
Katerina Jerabkova via Unsplash.com

Something else you can do to save money is to eliminate meat from one meal a week. Meat, like many other things, is expensive and by eliminating it from one meal you can save money. Lucky for many in Louisiana, you may meat from an animal you harvested.

In the cold months, as we noted in a previous article here, you should layer up in your house. This prevents you from running the heater all day/night, and that can really help you save on your energy bill.

And let's admit it here, after the summer months we had here in south Louisiana we're all still try to recover from high energy bills.

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Photo courtesy of Andrew Neel, ute2XAFQU2I, via Unsplash

Our emails these days are always loaded up with sales and often what you see on sale isn't something you need. So, avoid these emails and avoid the temptation of purchasing something you really don't need.

The alternative to this is to just get out and shop local, avoid the "sales" online, and walk through a local business.

Another simple thing you can do to save money now is stop buying paper towels. Each time you go through a drive-thru for a meal ask for napkins and put them away. I know this sounds farfetched, but it's helped me once or twice at home.

The three different gas prices at the gas station

Lastly, when driving, don't be so aggressive. If you drive at or below the speed limit, you can save at the pump. Gasoline prices often fluctuate, so drive safely and save money.

These are just a few small/simple things you can do these days to save money. Give a few a try and see if your bank account appreciates the effort.


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