I do a daily trivia giveaway on my radio show. When I posed the question, "Who is the leading scorer in NFL history?" a lot of people called & got it wrong. Most of them guessed the name of one running back, wide receiver, or other. Before the advent of the 2-point conversion, teams brought the kicker out after every touchdown. Then, of course, there are field goals. Jim Mora's Saints teams kicked a LOT of those. Morten Andersen played 25 seasons in the NFL. He made 565 field goals, 40 of them from beyond 50 yards. He scored 2,544 points. Morten's selection to the pro football Hall of Fame is, in my opinion, overdue, but now he's in. His acceptance speech was one of the most gracious I've ever seen. Youtube has disallowed embedding of the video. Click here to watch it.


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