A monster tornado hit the Lower Night Ward in New Orleans, Louisiana last night as a cold front rolled through Louisiana with embedded tornadic activity, severe winds and hail.

Many homes in the Lower Ninth Ward were destroyed or severely damaged. One person was killed.

The massive tornado made its way into the Mississippi River where a cruise ship carrying passengers was making its way down River. The cruise ship left ahead of the tornado headed toward Galveston.

Well, you don't see this every day and holy cow this was close. The tornado in New Orleans almost hit this cruise ship on the MS river tonight. Crazy and so close. -Brad Panovich Meteorologist

Looks like they left right before the tornado hit still moving down river heading to Galveston. Brad Panovich Meteorologist

"We watched it from the Riverwalk outlet food court. They definitely left right before the tornado hit. Once they got going the weather made a significant change and the skies turned green. It was crazy to watch." -Heather Health Stallings

Excuse the language but caught this tornado on camera only 600 feet away from us crossing the Mississippi River New Orleans. Started out as one then another formed and dropped down into the first and made a huge one. -David Mark Poindexter

Monster Tornado Rips Through Ninth Ward in New Orleans

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