It seems like more kids are being treated for depression and other psychological issues than ever before. What's changed since previous generations were growing up? A LOT!!! Kids stay indoors watching TV & playing video games. There's nothing particularly wrong these moderation. Modern kids don't have enough face to face real time interaction, and they're not getting enough physical activity. Adventure Journal reports, a recent study found children who spend time in green space are at reduced risk for multiple psychiatric disorders. They're also physically healthier than kids who don't spend time outside. I'm fortunate. When I was a kid, my parents made me play outside. In the summer, I rode my bicycle, took walks in the forest, & went swimming. I spent time outdoors in the winter, building snow forts, shoveling driveways, & roofs, and snowmobiling. For the first time in history, we have a generation of children whose life expectancy is shorter than their parents.

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