EarthShare Gardens in Scott is a great place for you to give back to the community through community gardening.

EarthShare Gardens have donated vegetables to the community since 2005. They are a 501c-3 organization, so any donations are tax-deductible

We produce high quality, chemical free, naturally grown fruits and vegetables. We leverage the demand for local organic produce to grow and donate healthy food to those who are most in need. We provide educational and inspirational experiences to the youth and adults of our community. - EarthShare Gardens 

If you navigate to the EarthShare Gardens website, you'll see how they are not only giving back to the community by donating vegetables grown on their acreage, but they are also helping the next generation learn how important it is to get involved.

If your school or community organization is interested in starting a similar program, they are very willing to bring you into the fold in efforts of feeding more people in our area.

Some of the organizations who have benefitted from EarthShare's donations include: FoodNet, St Joseph’s Diner, Second Harvest, Salvation Army, Acadiana CARES and Faith House.




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