They had to have done this on purpose.

A woman in Virginia posted a video on TikTok that shows two huge sandwich platters she got from Walmart.

When she ordered the platters, she wanted them to be made with half wheat bread and half white bread. Of course, the idea was that she'd get half the order with one type of bread, and the second half of the platter made with the other.

Well, that didn't happen. In the video, you can clearly see that the person who made the sandwiches thought that she wanted EACH sandwich made with the two different bread types.

TikTok via AshlinM
TikTok via AshlinM

Yes, each sandwich in the order was made with a slice of wheat bread and a slice of white bread.

I don't know if she returned the order, but this is so good that I hope she kept the tray of sandwiches out for her guests.

Perhaps the lesson here is simple, check your orders prior to leaving a store. You never know what you may get!


@ashlinm92Ordered a sandwich tray from Walmart. Half wheat, half white. This is what we got. ##ohno ##stupidchallenge ##fyp ##haul♬ Oh No (Instrumental) - Kreepa

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