Google has (finally!) released its annual Frightgeist, and you won't believe what the most popular costumes are in Acadiana and the rest of Louisiana.

Google's Frighgeist has an interactive map of the US that allows anyone to find out what the most popular Halloween costumes are in their city and state. Here are the top costumes for some of the biggest cities in Louisiana:

Lafayette: Shark (um...why?)
Baton Rouge: Wonder Woman
Alexandria: Minecraft
Lake Charles: The 1950s (huh?)
New Orleans: Wonder Woman
Monroe: Witch
Shreveport: Clown

Most of these reflect the most popular costumes in the rest of the country, but shark and 1950s are ununsual. Maybe shark costumes are popular because Southside High opened this year? Click the link above to check out other trends throughout the rest of the US.

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